Classes and Manuscript Consultations

Manuscript Consultations

I offer critique of groups of poems or entire collections of poetry. A poetry collection consultation includes some line-by-line edits as well as advice on ordering and vision of the collection. Smaller groups of poems will be carefully analyzed line-by-line.

$175 for a one-hour meeting and close reading of poems up to 20 pages

$220 for a one-hour meeting and up to 50 pages of poems in a collection (includes suggestions for ordering poems in a collection). (51-80 pages $250.)


University of Washington Tacoma, 2011-2016


Introduces students to the skills of poetry writing within the context of nature and eco-writing. Students will read, analyze & respond to seminal works of nature poems, eco-poems & critical essays from Romanticism to contemporary poetry, and then create, workshop & revise their own original nature & eco-poems.

Introduction to Poetry

Craft-based poetry reading & writing course. Students learn the foundations of poetry writing skills including the imagination, purpose & audience through poem analysis & process-based writing. Students engage in workshop discussions & create a chapbook of their finest poems at the course’s end.

Advanced Poetry

Examines major movements in western poetics including Romanticism, Symbolism, DaDaism, Imagism, & Surrealism in order to understand traditional & contemporary trends in poetics. Students are challenged to experiment with new notions of what a poem can be so they can better assert their own poetic values as writers. Students leave this course with advanced reading & writing skills in poetry.

Nature Writing

Nature writing marries two fields of discourse: ecology and creative non-fiction. Students in this course examine nature essays that range from scientific to experimental in order to investigate how the essay form can explore human relationship to place in times of environmental crisis. Students learn the craft of essay writing in various forms (personal, scientific, lyric) in the context of nature & the environment as a mode to express the state of the planet & our relationship to it.

Advanced Creative Non-fiction

Investigates the forms of the essay—lyric, personal, new journalism—with special emphasis on moving to audience-based rather than self-based non-fiction writing by focusing on concept & purpose. Through deep exploration of the forms of the essay students will develop their voices & visions as composers of multiple essays in traditional and innovative forms.

Creative Writing

Introduces students to three genres of creative writing: poetry, creative non-fiction & fiction.   Students receive brief overviews of each genre, analyze example work in each field & practice writing a set of poems, an essay & a short story. Students are introduced to the classroom workshop model & practice revision with each creative piece.


This course introduces freshman students to foundational skills in academic writing that will prepare them for further academic study. Skills such as composition, analysis, research, argument & reflection are emphasized. This course’s discussion theme is Place & Environment.

Richard Hugo House, 2012-2015

A Roadmap for Poets

Class will introduce and deepen skills in basic poetry writing including metaphor, imagery, the line & sound patterns. A great class for beginner or intermediated learners. 6-week class. Wednesdays at 7pm, 10/28/15 – 12/9/15 in West Seattle.

Poetry and the Senses

Class will explore accessing the body as a conduit to the senses in order to fully experience moments and render them into expressive poems. 6-week class. Mondays at 7pm, 2/23/16.

Poetry Collections I

Class will examine 5 Pulitzer Prize winning collections & organize a mini-collection of their own. 6-week class. Wednesdays at 7pm, 10/29-12/10.

Poetry Collections II

Class will analyze & workshop each other’s full length or chapbook length collections. Coming in Winter 2016.