Ever Jones (formerly JM Miller) is a queer/trans writer, artist & instructor. Their forthcoming poetry collection, nightsong, is a transliberatory lyric, earthing & unearthing the body from gender, politics & identity. Ever’s work collapses binaries & resists social constructions, embracing intersections & celebrating and / & / or / both / also / multiple / question / etc. They won the Grand Prize for the Eco Arts Awards in 2014 & was a finalist for terrain.org’s 2013 poetry contest. Please read an interview about their first collection, Wilderness Lessons here. Their chapbook, Primitive Elegy, was printed by alice blue books. Ever is a Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Washington in Tacoma & teaches at Richard Hugo House. 

Ever’s work can be found at Tupelo Quarterly, Bellingham Review, Poecology, terrain.org, CURA, Cimarron Review, Columbia Poetry Review, Written River: A Journal of Eco-Poetics, Five Fingers Review & others.  Please contact jmmiller.poet@gmail.com for questions about classes, manuscript editing or booking performances.

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